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From stress, overwhelm and anxiety to feeling balanced, empowered and in tune with yourself…


I specialise in working with people who:

*Are Highly Sensitive

*Are Neurodiverse

(ADHD, Autistic, AuDHD, SPD)

*Manage Anxiety and/or Depression

*Are experiencing the effects of chronic stress

What do some of those I work with say?

'I found the sessions very enjoyable and  tailored to my needs. I found the whole atmosphere Nichola created to be very welcoming and it felt like a whole hour where I could just focus on myself without any outside concerns' - Kate.

'I found the course rich in both theory and practical content. I also really liked your warm, friendly, accessible and open style of holding the group' - Kathryn.

'I came away feeling extremely positive about focusing on my own wellbeing - and enjoying the process too!' - Vicky

'Nichola was fantastic at providing me with the space I needed for self exploration as well as asking questions to prompt me to dig deeper. I use the techniques and practices discussed in our sessions on a daily basis which has led to life changing results. I feel more in touch with myself and my body. I am more easily able to connect with what my body needs, which has helped me physically, but importantly has left me feeling empowered and connected' - Carolyn.  


Wondering how I can support you?

+44 (0) 7828 038494

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