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What If I can’t come to a class/workshop/retreat and need to cancel?

Sometimes life happens and you may need to cancel coming along to a class, Therapy session or other event. Where possible I ask for 24 hours notice. For full terms and conditions of booking and cancellation, see here.

What do I need to practice Yoga?

Truly this is a ‘depends’ kind of answer. As a general rule, a Yoga mat is a must and I would also recommend a blanket. Depending on what it is you are attending and the kind of Yoga you will be taking part in some blocks, yoga bricks, a strap, eye pillow, bolster (or bed pillow) and cushions may also be appropriate. I can advise you of specifics on booking, or in consultation with me. If you are unsure, just get in touch.

Am I too old/stiff/young/unfit… to do Yoga?

NO! It is a myth that you need to be flexible or fit to do Yoga. Yoga is a practice that is open to all people. If you have a body and you can breathe, you can practice, use and benefit from the tools of yoga. There are many styles of Yoga out there and different practices too. It is about finding the right bits for you.

I am struggling financially, what support is available for me?

I have lots of free support and advice on my YouTube Channel and social media pages that anyone can access. I also offer payment plans and discounted class places for anyone in a difficult financial situation who would like the greater support of being in a group or working more closely with me. To request this, get in touch.

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