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My Story

Warrior 2

Many of us get into the work we do because of our own story and that is definitely true for me. I am a Highly Sensitive Person, who is also Autistic and  has ADHD. Discovering these things about myself has been a HUGE journey. I grew up in a very stressful environment. I spent my teens and much of my 20s striving to achieve, when in fact I was fuelled with anxiety, trying to escape the feelings left from my early childhood and using unhealthy coping mechanisms to do so.  This was all compounded by my unique needs as a sensitive, neurodivergent child - being more adversely affected than my less sensitive, neurotypical peers.


By the time I had my first child, my nervous system had had enough. I was struggling with post-natal Anxiety, while also adjusting to life as a new mum and returning to my job as a Primary school Teacher. In fact I was completely overwhelmed. Yoga had been an on and off affair since my teens, but it was at 27 that it firmly took root. I established the routine of going to a regular weekly class and my body and mind were feeling the benefit. I soon immersed myself within the teachings of Yoga and eventually went on to complete a Yoga Teacher Training.


Over time I came to learn more about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and Neurodiverse,  as well as the importance of healing the effects of my early childhood trauma. I became deeply interested in the aspects of Yoga that can support the regulation of the nervous system, trauma healing, supporting anxiety and depression, helping with digestive issues and other chronic health conditions… Eventually, this led me to embark on training to become a Yoga Therapist.  


Alongside my trainings I had made a commitment to myself to do the work. I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in my own healing, understanding and trauma recovery. I have been blessed to work with talk therapists, psychologists, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, sound healing practitioners and massage therapists to name just a few. As a conscious teacher, therapist, and practitioner, I know committing to this work has and remains essential for me to show up present and resourced for my clients and students.


Throughout my own path, I have also developed a deep connection and fascination with nature and love for working within the seasonal and lunar cycles. I have found combining the therapeutic tools and practices I have learned along the way, alongside the themes each season and cycle offers us, to be a wonderful way to deepen the healing journey, particularly as sensitive and neurodivergent people are more greatly affected by the environment around them.


I am now committed to sharing what I have learned through my own lived experience and the skills and knowledge gained through professional training with others. Deep and sincere gratitude goes out to all the teachers who I have come in contact with in my life, offered a lesson I needed to learn and who have shared their wisdom and experience with me.


2023 Yoga Therapy Diploma (1150hrs)

Patricia Cronin & Jackie Hayfield

Real Yoga, Accredited by The British Council for Yoga Therapy

2018 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs)

Deborah Berryman & Dawn Wright
Whitespace Studio
Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

2008 - PGCE in Primary Education

University of Birmingham

2005 – Psychology Bsc (2:1)

The University of Warwick


2021 - The Neuroscience of Trauma

With Mindbody Break Through

2021  - Trauma, Resilience & Being Safely Embodied

With Aneta Idczak of Golden Mandala Ltd.

2020 - Teaching Yoga Nidra (40hr)

With Dawn Wright, SYT and Trainer

2021 - Pranayama: Bringing Pranayama to Life (150hr)

150hr CPD training course with Julie Hemmings of Divine Works Yoga

2020 Mantra & Meditation

With Julie Hemmings of Divine Works Yoga

2020 Functional Anatomy For Yoga teachers (12hr)

With Dawn Wright, SYT and Trainer

2019 Healing Early Trauma Through the Body (12hr)

With Ralph Marzen at Whitespace Studio

2019 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (50hr)

With Deborah Berryman at Whitespace Studio

2018 The Art of Hands on Assists

With Dawn Wright, SYT and Trainer at Whitespace Studio

2018 Teaching Vinyasa Yoga (40hr)

With Dawn Wright at Whitespace Studio

2018 The Art of Teaching 1-2-1

Kate Ellis at Whitespace Studio

2017 The Shoulder Girdle Workshop

With Gary Carter at Whitespace Studio

2017 Children’s Yoga Teacher Diploma (45hr)

With Sarah Mulliner of Yogakidz Worldwide

2017 Toddler Yoga Teacher Diploma

With Sarah Mulliner of Yogakidz Worldwide

2017 Parent & Baby Yoga Teacher Diploma

With Sarah Muliner of Yogakidz Worldwide


Have a query? Reach out and ask away! 

07828 038494

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