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Tailored Support For Overwhelm & Anxiety, Self-Care That Nourishes Your Whole Self and Confidence in Being All of You.


Sensitive Yoga Therapy

For Highly Sensitive, Neurodivergent People Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious & Burnt out...

Those of us with sensitive nervous systems can be more susceptible to the effects of modern-day stresses.


We often require a different, specific and tailored approach to our health and healing, so that we can thrive in a way that allows us to live with greater health, meaning and authenticity. 


I believe the sensitives and neurodiverse among us are a great asset to humanity, especially in times like these.  With right kind of support and approach to self-care our unique gifts can shine brightly.

Completely at ease in your body, mind & soul.

Fully resourced and able to engage joyfully in the world.

Loving, caring and accepting yourself, as you are, unconditionally.

My work is dedicated to supporting sensitive & neurodivergent people, who are craving to feel better in their body, mind & spirit.

I believe when resourced and supported by the right environment, tools and understanding, you can and deserve to flourish.

Through helping you gain feelings of calm and harmony in your body, a deeper understanding of yourself
, and the ability to tailor your self-care to the ebbs and flows of what YOU need, you can begin to reclaim, love and accept yourself completely - as you are.

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Not sure if you are Highly Sensitive? Take the quiz here...


Have a query? Reach out and ask away! 

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If you are looking for immediate relief from feelings of Overwhelm & Anxiety, why not check out my free e-book?

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