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"Freedom From Overwhelm & Anxiety, Self-Care That Nourishes Your Whole Self and Confidence in Being All of You"

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Sensitive Yoga Therapy

For Sensitives Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious & Burnt out...

Those of us with sensitive nervous systems can be more susceptible to the effects of modern-day stresses.


We often require a more specific and tailored approach to health and healing, so that we can thrive in a way that allows us to live with greater health, meaning and authenticity. 


I believe the sensitives among us are a great asset to humanity, especially in times like these.  With right kind of support and approach to self-care our unique gifts can shine brightly.

Completely at ease in your body, mind & soul.

Fully resourced and able to engage joyfully in the world.

Loving, caring and accepting yourself, as you are, unconditionally.

My work is dedicated to supporting those of us with Sensitive nervous systems (Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Neurodiverse People, Empaths, etc) that crave and deserve to feel at home in their bodies and to allow their gifts to shine.

Sensitives do not need to suffer with chronic health conditions, or struggle with their mental health. When we are resourced and supported, we can flourish.

My aim is to help you do so by gaining greater Nervous System Regulation, learning to know and understand yourself more deeply
, and to use the cycles of nature to facilitate this important work of reclaiming, loving and accepting yourself completely.

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Not sure if you are Highly Sensitive? Take the quiz here...


Have a query? Reach out and ask away! 

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If you are looking for immediate relief from feelings of Overwhelm & Anxiety, why not check out my free e-book?

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