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COVID-19 Information

On this page, find answers to all of your questions relating to how in-person classes will work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring that government guidelines are followed and that we all stay safe. You will also find access to risk assessments relating to any in-person classes running.

In-person classes will only be running when current local restrictions allow and will only run in COVID safe venues.

Your FAQs

Will we need to wear masks in class?

Currently the guidance is that you do not have to wear masks during a yoga class, as it is a physical exercise. However, if you would prefer to do so you can. You may also wish to wear a face mask as you enter the venue and as you leave. This may be different at certain venues and as guidance changes. Please refer to the venue specific risk assessment and your joining information email. In my home studio for 1 to 1 appointments I shall be wearing a face visor when in close proximity and windows shall remain open to allow maximum ventilation as much as is possible.


What extra cleaning will there be?

 For community classes I have chosen venues that have good cleaning regimes and include their own sanitising stations. I will be sanitising door handles before and after sessions, with antiviral spray. To reduce risk of transferring the virus, all doors will be propped open by me, so that as you enter and leave there will be no need to touch a door. The same will be the case with toilet doors. The venues will be responsible for cleaning floors and toilets. As is typical in community spaces, I will still sweep before and/or after class. Antiviral spray and hand sanitiser will be available for your use at every class and you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Specific procedures can be found in the Risk Assessments below. For 1 to 1 sessions, the studio floor and door handles will be sanitised before and after each session.


What will happen if there is another lockdown?

Any classes that are pre-booked will automatically return to live, online classes with recordings available afterwards. I shall not be able to refund any pre-booked sessions. This is the same for 1 to 1 sessions, unless not an option for the client - in which case the sessions will be postponed until a later date, or cancelled and refunded.


How will we practice breathing techniques safely?

Most of the time in my community classes we rarely use any of the more vigorous breathing techniques. However, current guidance is that such practices (like Kapalbhati breath) should not be done in classes at this time. In the venues I have chosen, we will be able to have at least 2m between each mat so breathing techniques such as the full yogic breath and brahmari (bumblebee breath) can still be practiced safely. In fact, it has been shown that such techniques are beneficial for immune and respiratory health. 


How will we enter and leave the venue?

In the venues I have chosen there are separate entry points/a one-way system in place to ensure we are not crossing paths or have too many people in too small a space. At this time I am unable to run back-to-back classes so there will be no risk of crossing paths with the next class, or the class just finishing. Venue specific information can be found in the Risk Assessments below and in the joining email once you book.


What will we do with our shoes and can we still have bare feet?

Shoes and socks will be worn until you unroll and get to your mat. From that point on you can remove shoes and socks and put them to one side of your mat. If you need to leave your mat at anytime, please put them back on until you return.


What about props?

I will not be loaning out props at this time. However, if you know there is a prop you use regularly it is really worth investing in them. I am currently selling off some of my stock of props. They will be cleaned and thoroughly sanitised, are of studio grade and will be at a reduced price. 


What about if I am ill can I extend my booking?

If you are ill please STAY AT HOME! It is crucial that you stay at home if you have any of the following: headache, persistent cough, raised temperature. I will not be able to offer a refund or transfer if you are ill and miss a class - it is simply not financially viable for me, or logistically possible to do this. In unusual circumstances (such as a severe illness that persists and causes you to miss a full block) I may offer a reduced or free place on the next block, but this is at my discretion and dependent on the availability of spaces.


How will we be able to socially distance?

Guidance at the moment is to aim for 2m between mats, taken from the centre of the mat, or 1m+ where that is not possible. Yoga is considered lower risk as we generally stay on our mats and are side by side, rather than facing each other. The venues I have chosen allow at least 2m between mats. You will be reminded that when you enter and leave to maintain the 2m social distance. Specific procedures for each venue can be found in the Risk Assessments.


How many people will be allowed in each class?

In Claybrooke Village Hall 2m between each person allows for up to 12 people. 

In The Wycliffe Rooms 2m between mats allows for 24 people (it is a very big space!).

However, I shall be limiting it to 18 at this time, which will give you all plenty of space between mats. In addition, I shall not allow drop in classes at this time - only block bookings. So it will be the same group of people each week.

For information specific to 1 to 1 sessions, please see Risk assessment below.

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