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Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the tailored application of the tools and perspectives from Yoga, to a person’s specific needs. Yoga therapy can be helpful in supporting people with a whole range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. From supporting people with arthritis, or a physical injury, through to diabetes, mental health issues, or supporting a person through cancer treatment.

Area of Expertise and Interest

My area of expertise and interest is within the Nervous System, Mental Health and Trauma Recovery. As such, I mainly work with people who:


*Are Highly Sensitive

*Manage Anxiety and/or Depression

*Are Processing Trauma

*Are Experiencing the Effects of Chronic Stress

* Are at Burnout

* Are working through Grief

*Are Managing a Stress Related Health Condition

What to Expect in Yoga Therapy...


In the initial sessions, I will focus on getting to know you. Expect to be asked questions and given space to discuss what has been going on for you.


Getting to know you may also involve assessing your posture, movement, and your breath. Each session will aim to tend to your needs on the day, as well as the overarching aim for the period we are working together for.


In between each session, you may be given guidance on things to do or lifestyle advice to put into practice that will help support you towards your goal.


Sessions can be taken anywhere from weekly to monthly.


For locals, the sessions can be taken at my home studio in South Leicestershire, UK. 


Otherwise, sessions take place online via zoom.

How Much?

Yoga Therapy is booked in blocks to allow time to progress towards your goal.


3 sessions - £180

6 sessions - £360

10 sessions - £600


One-off, ‘check-in’ sessions for £60 are available for previous clients only.

So, if you are highly sensitive, are managing anxiety and/or depression, are processing trauma, are feeling the effects of Stress, burnout or grief, and are looking for something that will support you in a holistic way, Yoga Therapy might just be that. To ensure we are the right fit for each other, complete the Yoga Therapy Application form below. From there we can arrange a free 20-minute consultation call to connect and discuss further if I am able to support you.

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