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During the current health crisis, all classes now operate online via the platform 'Zoom'.

Mondays | 7 – 8pm | ENERGISE & STRENGTHEN – Dynamic Hatha Flow

A class for those with a good level of fitness and some prior Yoga experience. This class is aimed at building strength and stamina through both moving through flowing sequences with the breath and pausing to hold in some postures. This class will also include breathing practices & a short relaxation towards the end of the class, allowing you to leave feeling positive, energised and ready for the week ahead!


Tuesdays | 9.30 -10.30am | RISE & SHINE – Mixed Hatha

Awaken your body in a mindful way through carefully sequenced postures, aimed at gradually stretching and warming the body. Expect movements that stretch and strengthen the body, as well as techniques to bring peace to mind & spirit. The class will include holding postures for a set number of breaths to develop strength, as well as some mindful movements to increase flexibility. This class is suitable for beginners. A great way to start the day!


Wednesday | 7 – 8pm | BALANCE & FLOW – Mixed Hatha Flow

Find a mid-week pause to move, breathe & be. In this class you will practice a blend of flowing sequences of postures, with pauses to hold some of the poses static. This class will aim to ease tensions and stresses from the body, build strength & flexibility as well as finding space in which to calm the mind. Expect movements that stretch and strengthen the body, breathing techniques, meditation & a short relaxation. This class is suitable for beginners in good health.


Thursday | 7 – 8pm | BREATHE, UNWIND & RESTORE – Restorative Yoga

Move into your weekend feeling fully restored, calm and … In this class expect a very relaxed style where postures are supported with the use of props, such as pillows, cushions & blankets. The aim of this session is to allow you time to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and support for the body, mind & spirit to recoup, restore & replenish. Restorative Yoga supports the optimal functioning of all systems of the body and helps to promote natural healing. Expect some gentle movements, long held postures with the use of props, breathing practices, deep relaxation & meditation. This class is suitable for all.

To join any of the classes, you can either sign up to the 'Yoga For Life Monthly Pass' which gives you access to all classes and more for a month, or book a single class. 

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